Collective research

Exploring the relationship that deaf people establish with sound and vibration.
The first laboratory was carried out with volunteers from the Deaf Association of Cochabamba. The final piece inaugurates the third edition of Sonandes: Biennial of sound art.
With the support of different institutions and international recognitions, the laboratories were carried out in the cities of La Paz, MedellĂ­n, Buenos Aires and Montevideo, bringing together various deaf communities in each city.



Multidisciplinary group that accompanies the decisions and interest of the participants, both in the laboratory experiences and in the creation of the final exhibition.
In each city or experience, new mediators are added who contribute from their fields of knowledge and strengthen the laboratory, helping to generate more knowledge.



Different groups participate in the experience by sharing and building knowledge.
INFRA is open to children, youth and adults; promoting the participation of the participants' family environment, be they deaf or hearing.



A methodology developed in the laboratories is socialized, which seeks feedback from future experiences with the contributions of each creator.
The final presentation is focused on the deaf community of the city where it is held and seeks to share what has been learned from each experience.



Through the study of the senses and perception, their own technologies and tools are developed. Designs and schemes are shared with free licences.
The studio draws on the work of various creators, who are part of the mediator team. Together with the participants are adapted to the needs of each community.


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